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Having trouble? Call us direct

0330 041 7000


Heres a quick list of our Helplines you will have access to contact 24/7.

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Our 24 hour helpines can all be found here

Need help with your Smartplug? Car been stolen? or in need of crash assistance? all numbers and details regarding each helpline can be found below

Smartplug helpline

Having trouble installing your Smartplug, go to our Installation guide, if you have already done that and still require assistance, call the following number 01489 883264

Tip: We’ve been doing this a long time, so we think we’ve got most of your questions covered. Take a look through our Frequently asked questions.

Stolen car support

Have you notified the police? do you have a crime reference number? if so call the following number 01489 883264. We will then follow up with the police and notify them on the GPS location of your vehicle using the Smartplug you installed in your car, if the robbers have removed the Smartplug from the car it will be harder to track but we will report back to you as soon as possible.

Important: 99% of cars stolen are normally returned back to the customer within 1 hour of notifying us

Crash assistance

ALL ACCIDENTS OR INCIDENTS MUST BE REPORTED WITHIN 48 HOURS, EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT CLAIMING. Please make sure you and any passengers are safe before attempting to call us or the police.

Tip: Good news! Windscreen claims don't affect your no claim discount and you don't even need your policy number to book!